Upcoming Exhibition

John Mellencamp: Life, Death, Love and Freedom

April 26th through June 2nd 2018

A collection of new works by John Mellencamp.

Past Exhibition

Theodoros Stamos (1922-1997)

November 4th through December 23rd 2017

Theodoros Stamos, the youngest member of the first generation of Abstract Expressionists was born in New York to Greek parents. In 1936 he won a scholarship to attend American Artists’ School where he studied sculpture until 1939 when he left to focus on painting.

Past Exhibition

PEACE: Love, Rock and Revolution | Photographs by Jim Marshall

September 6th through October 21st 2017

This exhibition celebrates the book "Jim Marshall: Peace" which includes previously unpublished photographs from 1961 to 1968. Marshall documented the evolution of the peace sign; how it went from an anti-nuclear icon to an internationally recognized symbol for peace.

Past Exhibition

Summer Group

June 15th through August 11th 2017

Including paintings by: Milton Avery, Siona Benjamin, Raoul Dufy, Richard Hambleton, Grace Hartigan, Luis Jimenez, Philomena Marano, Richard Mayhew, John Mellencamp, Michael Netter, Irene Rice Pereira, and Max Weber.

Past Exhibition

Grace Hartigan: A Survey

April 27th through June 3rd 2017

This exhibition features paintings and works on paper from 1949 to 2006. A catalogue with an essay by Robert S. Mattison is available.

Past Exhibition

Siona Benjamin: Beyond Borders

March 9th through April 22nd 2017

Siona Benjamin’s first exhibition at ACA Galleries will feature her recent work from the Exodus Series. Currently on her second Fulbright Fellowship in Israel, her new work will be the subject of this show. Catalogue available.

Past Exhibition

ACA Galleries at LA Art Show 2017

January 12th through January 15th 2017

Works by Richard Hambleton, Anita Huffington Richard Mayhew Michael Netter and Jack Stuppin

Past Exhibition

On Such a Night as This

November 10th through January 28th 2017

A Celebration of African American Art

Past Exhibition

FRANCIS LUIS MORA (1874 – 1940)

April 13th through May 21st 2016

Francis L. Mora was a renowned painter, muralist, illustrator and teacher. He exhibited widely during his lifetime and received many important public commissions. In 2005 ACA presented his first retrospective since 1940. This exhibition includes paintings, drawings and etchings.

Past Exhibition

Paper Through the Ages: Drawings and Prints

February 27th through April 2nd 2016

Including: George Ault, Peggy Bacon, George Bellows, Siona Benjamin, Isabel Bishop, Ilya Bolotowsky, Charles Burchfield, Matthew Daub, Lyonel Feininger, Gertrude Greene, Richard Hambleton, Edgar Jerins, Jasper Johns, Walt Kuhn, Greg Lamarche, Jan Matulka, Thomas Moran, Francis Lou

Past Exhibition

Jack Stuppin: Homage to the Hudson River School

January 7th through February 20th 2016

Jack Stuppin’s vibrant, undulating landscapes are passionate reactions to nature and ardent appeals for environmental consciousness. Nature is the soul of his art.

Past Exhibition

John Mellencamp: The Isolation of Mister

October 22nd through December 19th 2015

Known primarily as a musician and activist Mellencamp is also an accomplished painter who has seriously pursued painting for over 35 years. His imagery comes from the same sources as his music: the plight of the working class, oppressive authority and social justice.

Past Exhibition

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (1940-2015): A Memorial Exhibition

September 17th through October 10th 2015

A survey of drawings, paintings & sculptures. Born 1940 in Columbus, OH, Robinson created drawings, cloth paintings, woodcuts, books and sculptures in diverse media which captured, preserved and celebrated the history of her native city and the places she traveled. In 2004 she r

Past Exhibition

Raw Beauty: Bradley Theodore and Antoine Verglas

June 11th through July 31st 2015

The focus of the exhibition is a collaborative series between celebrated artist Bradley Theodore and renowned photographer Antoine Verglas that combines the excitement of street art with the sensuality of fashion photography.

Past Exhibition

An American Century

May 1st through May 30th 2015

Works by Milton Avery, Edward M. Bannister, Romare Bearden, Isabel Bishop, Oscar Bluemer, Earl H Brewster, Francis Criss, AB Davies, Joseph DeCamp, Beauford Delaney, Edwin Dickinson, Arthur Wesley Dow, Philip Evergood, Grace Hartigan, Charles Webster Hawthorne, Carl Holty, Ernest

Past Exhibition

Herb Alpert and Richard Mayhew: Harmonic Rhythms

February 19th through April 18th 2015

Primarily known for his music, Herb Alpert has gained a reputation as an accomplished visual artist. At 91, Richard Mayhew is acknowledged as one of America’s premier landscape painters and colorists. Both artists are informed by music and improvisation.

Past Exhibition


February 19th through April 4th 2015

Color, sensuality, raucous pleasure, a bawdy zest for life: these are the elements, which burst from the work of Luis Jiménez (1940-2006). This exhibition reveals the power and energy of this highly respected yet controversial artist.

Past Exhibition

Peter Blume

November 6th through February 14th 2015

By embracing the irreconcilable, Peter Blume transcends Modernist art’s conventional aspirations to re-define order in a chaotic world. His oeuvre is metamorphosis itself, a realm where paradox rules. Within that clash Blume found profound meaning and sublime beauty.

Past Exhibition

Jack Levine and Hyman Bloom: Against the Grain

September 17th through October 25th 2014

Jack Levine and Hyman Bloom were close friends who each became a master of a new American realism that blended abstraction and realism. As Jewish immigrants they arrived at their socially conscious art through shared experiences but through different routes of development.

Past Exhibition

Social Art In America: Then and Now

May 2nd through June 27th 2014

The exhibition features past masters: James Chapin, William Gropper, George Grosz, Philip Evergood, Robert Gwathmey, Joseph Hirsch, Joe Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Jack Levine and Raphael Soyer; and current visionaries: Sue Coe, Luis Jimenez, John Mellencamp, and Faith Ringgold.

Past Exhibition

JOSEPH PELLER: Circadian Rhythms of the City

March 12th through April 26th 2014

Peller presents us with his deepening involvement with New York. From expansive street vistas, through smaller paintings and works on paper of everyday moments, Peller ushers us into an intimate existence sometimes overlooked amidst the energy that powers New Yorkers everyday.

Past Exhibition

Totems and Deities: The Sculpture of Herb Alpert and Anita Huffington

January 15th through March 8th 2014

The exhibition pairs Herb Alpert's abstract bronze sculptures which can be compared to the freedom and spontaneity of his improvisational work as a jazz musician, with Anita Huffington's figurative bronze work inspired by the fluidity and form of her experience as a modern dancer

Past Exhibition

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson: Songs for the New Millennium

October 25th through January 4th 2014

Aminah takes us along on her migration through an ancestral memory across eight hundred years of history of her native Ohio. These are for Robinson really migrations of soul, spirit and story, many of them inspired by whimsical stories transmitted by her beloved Uncle Alvin.

Past Exhibition

Matthew Daub: The Maiden Creek Series

September 19th through October 19th 2013

The twenty-two mile stretch along Maiden Creek, a rural tributary of Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River is the subject of Daub’s finely rendered, near-monochromatic watercolor panoramas identified only by their latitude and longitude coordinates that serve as the title of each image

Past Exhibition

TEXTURES: The Written Word in Contemporary Art

May 4th through June 15th 2013

Showcasing the work of artists who have incorporated written text as part of their aesthetic, their politics, and even their state of mind. Including works by Romare Bearden, Robert Colescott, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Aminah Robinson, Faith Ringgold and Flo Oy Wong.

Past Exhibition

Faith Ringgold's AMERICA: Early Works and Story Quilts

March 2nd through April 27th 2013

For fifty years, Faith Ringgold’s art has commented on racism and gender inequality. Though best known as the progenitor of the African American story quilt revival, it is her pointed political paintings of the 1960s that are the focus of this exhibition.

Past Exhibition

Romare Bearden: Urban Rhythms and Dreams of Paradise

November 17th through January 3rd 2013

Bearden’s art always tells the truth, perhaps most profoundly in his collage work, where bits of “fact”—photographs, magazine ads, textiles, found objects of every sort are incorporated into abstracted compositions that traffic in raw, recognizable, uncompromising truth.

Past Exhibition

Color & Form: The work of Leon Berkowitz & Anita Huffington

May 4th through August 17th 2012

Featuring Leon Berkowitz’s paintings from his Seven Lights Series alongside recent bronzes by Anita Huffington.

Past Exhibition

Beth Ames Swartz: Different Voices, Unique Visions

March 17th through April 28th 2012

Beth Ames Swartz recent series The Thirteenth Moon is inspired by three revered eighth century Chinese poets: Du Fu, Li Bai and Wang Wei. Her mixed media paintings visualize their poems to reflect the richness of their respective world views: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

Past Exhibition

Shamanic Illuminations: The Art of Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey and Mieshiel

September 15th through October 11th 2011

A group exhibition featuring the artwork of three visionary artists.

Past Exhibition

Matthew Daub: Kempton Works on Paper 2009-2011

March 19th through April 23rd 2011

This body of work is the result of over two years depicting the small town of Kempton in rural Pennsylvania and documents transient moments in this common place. A full color catalogue is available with introduction by Joyce Carol Oates and an essay by Carl Little.

Past Exhibition

Visions of America: A Black Perspective

February 5th through March 15th 2011

An exhibition of 150 years of African American paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

Past Exhibition

Surveying Judy Chicago: 1970-2010

October 14th through December 4th 2010

This exhibition highlights work from Chicago’s impressive career and debuts the artist’s recent series in glass. A catalogue with an essay by Jenni Sorkin is available. This is the first Judy Chicago survey exhibition in New York.

Past Exhibition

Jack Stuppin: Songs of the Earth

March 27th through April 24th 2010

Stuppin's vibrant, undulating landscapes are emotional and subconscious reactions to nature as well as passionate appeals for environmental consciousness. A catalogue with a curatorial statement by Peter Selz and essays by Susan Landauer and Donald Kuspit is also available.

Past Exhibition

Two Black Women: Faith Ringgold and Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

February 6th through March 20th 2010

A two artist exhibition featuring story quilts, raganons, works on paper and sculptures.