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Clarence Kerr Chatterton: A Seminal Figure in 20th Century Realism (1880-1973)

ACA Galleries, 1989 17 pages with 5 color and 15 black and white reproductions. Essay by Diane Dimodica Sweet.
Price $15.00

Judy Chicago: Anaiis Nin-Fragments from the Delta of Venus

Hardback 103 pages. Introduction and illustrations by Judy Chicago, text by Anaiis Nin. 20 reproductions of watercolors. Publiched by powerHouse Books, 2004.

Judy Chicago: Becoming Judy Chicago

'A Biography of the Artist' by Gail Levin, 2007. 485 pages.
Price $30.00

Judy Chicago: Fragments From The Delta of Venus and Other Femmerotica

A thirty-five Year Survey. ACA Galleries February 14 - March 13, 2004. 24 pages, 25 color illustrations.
Price $10.00

Judy Chicago: Judy Chicago

Hardback, 143 pages fully color illustrated. Edited by Elizabeth A. Sackler, published by Watson-Guptill Publications, 2002.
Price $50.00

Judy Chicago: Judy Chicago (2000)

Hardback 192 pages, 275 illustrations. Edited by edward Lucie-Smith, Watson-Guptill Publications, 2000.
Price $35.00

Judy Chicago: Kitty City

Kitty City: A Feline Book of Hours Harper Design International, 2005.  Written and illustrated by Judy Chicago.  Out of print.
Price $100.00

Judy Chicago: The Dinner Party From Creation to Preservation

By Judy Chicago, Photographed by Donald Woodman, Published by Merrell Publishers, 2007.
Price $50.00

John Steuart Curry: Rural America

ACA Galleries, August 27 - September 28, 1991 48 pages with 23 color and 45 black and white reproductions. Introduction by Susan Wunderlich.
Price $25.00
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