Ilya Bolotowsky


Ilya Bolotowsky Biography

Ilya Bolotowsky (1907-1981)  is best known for his elegant geometric abstractions. Influenced by Piet Mondrian, Bolotowsky developed a visual vocabulary of clean, straight lines at precise angles that met and diverged to create a graceful surface of plane geometry. 

Bolotowsky's early commitment to abstract art in America put him in the company of other leading Modernists and in 1935 Bolotowsky joined with Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb and others as “The Ten,” whose art stood in contrast to objective or “literal” painting.

In 1936 Bolotowsky became a founding member of American Abstract Artists whose mission was to champion Avant-garde art and provide exhibition space for abstract artists. 

Bolotowsky is esteemed as a major force in American Modern Art. Ilya Bolotowsky's work is represented in important collections and institutions including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Phillips Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Brooklyn Museum and Harvard University Art Museum.