Track Work: 100 Years of New York City's Subway


PRESS RELEASE: Track Work: 100 Years of New York City's Subway, Jan 24 - May 21, 2020

Track Work: 100 Years of New York City's Subway
Jan 24 – May 21, 2020

The subway as a subject has captured the artist’s imagination since its beginnings. A symbol of modern progress, the subway is a great unifier; the ultimate democracy where people from different boroughs, classes, races, and ethnicities come together for the same fare and experience.
The exhibition showcases an array of artists’ narrative interpretations over the last century and demonstrates how the subway exemplifies the diversity and community that defines New York as a city.
The subway provides dramatic possibilities for non-narrative art which explore the geometries and lines of girders and tracks as well as extreme darkness to bright sunlight.
Artists include Linda Adato, Saul Chase, Howard Cook, Chris “Daze” Ellis, Joseph Golinkin, Steven Katz, Henry Koerner, Greg Lamarche, Martin Lewis, Louis Lozowick, Adriaan Lubbers, Anthony Mitri, Francis Luis Mora, Reginald Marsh, August Mosca, Richard Pantell, Joseph Peller, Alan Petrulis, Phase II, Jack Prudnikov,  Philip Reisman, Doug Safranek, David Schmidlapp, John Sloan, Richard Sloat, Raphael Soyer, Curt Szekessy, Emily Trueblood, Hans Welti, and Edmund Yaghjian.

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