Tony Notarberadino: Chelsea Hotel Portraits


PRESS RELEASE: Tony Notarberadino: Chelsea Hotel Portraits, Jan 13 - Feb 20, 2021

Tony Notarberadino: Chelsea Hotel Portraits
Jan 13 – Feb 20, 2021

January 13 through February 20, 2021


Living in the fabled Chelsea Hotel since 1993 Notarberardino began this series in 1997 documenting the rich visual cast of characters who passed through its doors. Over the next 14 years he photographed over 500 people, on large format 8 x 10 black and white film, capturing the remarkable cross section of individuals that were drawn to the hotel: from the famous - Dee Dee Ramone, Debbie Harry and others, to the lesser known - Jose Reranos, the hotel garbage collector, the staff from El Quijote, the hotel's legendary restaurant, and transient hotel guests.

With his 8 x10 view camera permanently set up in the hallway of his apartment to be ready at all times, each subject was photographed against the same wall so that the individual and their personality are isolated and illuminated. The Chelsea Hotel, a Victorian Gothic 18th century landmark building on West 23rd Street in New York City, was truly the last bohemian refuge in a fast and ever changing city. It was sold in 2011 and is now in dramatic transformation under its new ownership. CHELSEA HOTEL PORTRAITS stands as a definitive document of this landmark’s unique history and provides a last glimpse to the people who made it so unique during its final days.